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BUFFALO, New York — President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning tweeted a conspiracy theory about a Buffalo police protester who was pushed and fell to the ground last week.

Gugino was shoved by Buffalo police while protesting outside City Hall last week. He remains in serious but stable condition at a local hospital.
George Floyd: Trump claims Buffalo man pushed by police was ...
Gugino was part of a group protesting against police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s death. He was protesting past the city’s 8 p.m. curfew. An attorney for Gugino has stated that he was a peaceful protester.
The president also claims that Gugino may be an ANTIFA provocateur.

Speaking with local ABC affiliate WKBW, a man who was with Gugino before the incident described him as “funny and gentle.”

“He’s also an older white man in America and knows the privileges that come along with that,” Terrence Bisson added.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown responded to the president’s tweet with a statement:

“There’s no fact to any of it,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said of Trump’s tweet. “No proof whatsoever.”

“Do you think the blood coming out of his head was staged? Is that what your saying,” Cuomo said. “How reckless, how irresponsible, how mean, how crude. If there was ever a reprehensible dumb comment, and from the President of the United States.”

The governor called on President Trump to apologize.

Two Buffalo police officers are currently suspended without pay and facing assault charges in the incident.

Last month, Twitter placed fact-check warnings on two Trump tweets that called mail-in ballots “fraudulent” and predicted problems with the November elections. It demoted and placed a stronger warning on a third tweet about Minneapolis protests that read, in part, that “when the looting starts the shooting starts.”


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